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WATCH pre-Synod update.

WATCH logoWhat do ordinary people think about the House of Bishops' amendment to Clause 5?

The House of Bishops has changed the legislation that will allow women to be bishops, senior clergywomen have expressed their concern, but what do the rest of us think?

WATCH has had responses from many, many people - lay and ordained - all wanting to have their views heard. So we are asking people to sign a petition asking the bishops to withdraw Clause 5.1c

Our hope is that General Synod will refer the Measure back to the House of Bishops in July, and that they will then withdraw this amendment.

To sign the petition please follow the link below (it is very quick and easy!)

You will be offered the chance to make a comment about why you are signing. It would be very helpful for us if you could also indicate in that box your relationship to the Cof E.

And please forward this email to everyone you think might be interested in this issue.

The direct link to the petition is


Please pray: Available to download is a service/set of prayers for groups to use: why not use it at parish prayer meetings, or gather a group together to pray before Sunday worship? There are two formats – in Word containing notes and can be adapted for your own use or as a ready to print PDF. Click here to go to a previous news page for details.

More resources are available on the WATCH website www.womenandthechurch.org