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WATCH logoDeveloping our language for God to include the feminine.

‘Having women bishops will only make a difference if….God is she as often as she is he’. One phrase in a brief presentation at a Westminster Faith debate caused a flurry of media discussions about God – what a gift to the Church! For what happened next, including a surprising amount of support for the idea, see the WATCH website, which has links to the media coverage as well as a piece from the Chair, Hilary Cotton, who made the original statement.

Now there are four – New female Bishop of Crediton announced.

Rev Dame Sarah Mullally has been announced as the new Bishop of Crediton, in Exeter Diocese. This is great news for at least three reasons: there will be another female voice in the College of Bishops; Exeter has been a rather conservative diocese and this is a great step forward for many who have been praying and working for progress in terms of gender; and Dame Sarah is the first bishop who trained on a course (SEITE) rather than in a college.

Bishop of Horsham changes his mind on women’s ordination

The Rt Rev Mark Sowerby has resigned from the College of Bishops of SSWSH as he is now willing to receive the sacramental ministry of female priests and bishops. This is really good news for the people of Chichester Diocese who have waited long and worked hard for the diocesan leadership to more fully reflect the positive decisions of the Church of England on women’s ordination.