Top tips for engaging with the Bible

Tips on engaging with the Bible

bible open I am dyslexic.  My dyslexia makes it difficult for me to engage with the Bible by reading it.  So I need to use formats other than print, for example pictures or audio.  There are lots of resources which let me engage with the Bible in ways other than reading.  Two I find particularly helpful are an audio dramatization produced by the Bible Society called ‘You’ve got the Time’; and a website that offers free sets of Bible story images called Free Bible images.

There are many other things that help me engage with the Bible.  For example, gaining the gist of a passage before reading it in print, acting out a story, and discussing the Bible with others.

You’ll find more information in a guide I’ve written called ‘Tips on taking in and remembering Bible content’.  You can download it here, in Word or pdf:

Aurora Betony is a dyslexic adult who creates self-help resources for dyslexic adults.