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Summer Reading

summer readingMaking Sense of Sex.

Adrian Thatcher provides an alternative theological understanding of sexuality, sexual difference and of gender, yet one that is rooted in Christian scripture, tradition and reason.

Looking at different aspects of the to the topic, such as the body is sinful; sexual love and divine love; the joy of sex; owning our desires; difference and complementarity; same-sex marriage; patriarchy to partnership in marriage; and life in the spirit, he explores all aspects of sex and relationships within Christian life. In this thoroughly inclusive book, Adrian Thatcher considers people beginning sexual experience, people married, partnered or living together, and sexual majorities and minorities alike.

Placing a great deal of importance upon reason, Thatcher’s liberal theology challenges the teaching of some Christian groups on the sometimes taboo subject of sex and removes barriers to understanding the topic, putting forth a highly thought out ideal for all Christians that shows the rich sexual theology present in their religion.

Adrian thatcher is a visiting Professor of theology at the University of Exeter and Honorary Fellow at the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, and lives in Plymouth, Devon. His favourite pastimes include running, swimming, vegetarian cooking and playing the piano. He is a widower, with three grandchildren.

Making Sense of Sex

Adrian Thatcher

978 0 281 06406 9


June 2012


Making Sense of Faith in God

The newest addition to the Modern Church series, making Sense of Faith in God challenges the teachings of many strands of Christianity and atheism, defending God with an unashamedly liberal theology. In doing this, he justifies the existence of more reasonable and thoughtful forms of Christianity, shattering the illusion that those views are merely ‘watered-down’ versions of fundamental Christian teaching.

Giving full credence to insights in modern science and research, the environment and other modern-day issues, Jonathan Clatworthy considers the role of God in an increasingly secular society, and how this can be understood. He looks at what kind of bleak reality we would have if we denied our experience of the spiritual world confirming the ability and necessity of faith in God in modern society.

This book explores the main reasons for believing, including design, values, morality and religious experience. It shows how our lives as we experience them make far better sense in the context of a divine being than without one.

Jonathan Clatworthy is the General Secretary of Modern Church, formerly the Modern Churchpeople’s Union, which promotes liberal theology. He has also been a parish priest, a university chaplain and a tutor in ethics.

Making Sense of Faith in God

Jonathan Clatworthy

978 0 281 06404 5