Statement from Inclusive Church - For Immediate Release 11th February 2018

It is with regret that the Board of Trustees of Inclusive Church have been informed of the recent actions of one of its trustees.

We have a clear code of conduct and despite earlier written and oral warnings an investigation has been made of recent postings and concluded that the individual concerned is unable to operate within the constraints of being a Charitable Trustee.  

Over the past four years strenuous efforts have been made to accommodate their very specific needs.  All reasonable steps have been made and yet this person has chosen to make very public and often inaccurate statements about Inclusive Church on social media, frequently under a pseudonym.    

Sadly we do not consider that these are acceptable actions for a member of the Board of Inclusive Church, which has at its heart the desire to include everyone. 

The Trustee has written to the Board offering their resignation from the end of their current term of office, July 2018.  However, after very careful consideration the Board of Trustees took a vote of no confidence at its meeting on 1st February. 

Honorary Secretary of Inclusive Church, Revd Fr Stephen France