National Coordinator in Lycra!

National Coordinator in lycra for Sport Relief

On Saturday 19th March Bob Callaghan, National Coordinator of Inclusive Church will be taking part in a Spinathon as part of this year’s Sport Relief. The event is being organised in partnership with Sainsbury’s, one of the official sponsors of Sport Relief.

In the back page interview for the Church Times in November 2015 Bob spoke about being part of a gym. “Churches could learn a lot from the welcome you get in a gym. Twice a week I go to a spin class. This is a high-energy, cardio exercise class using indoor cycling.” It is through being part of this class that Bob is taking part in the Spinathon.

The Spinathon is taking place on a Saturday morning inside a branch of Sainsbury’s in the town where Bob lives in Gloucestershire. It will run for 3 hours.  

If you want to sponsor Bob and raise money for Sport Relief – go here.

The event lasts 3 hours. How many hours Bob takes part is up to those who sponsor him!
He can do 1, 2 or 3 hours.'s your chance to challenge him!

If Sport Relief gets £100 sponsorship - he'll do 1 hour (Easy!)
If Sport Relief gets £250 he'll do 2 hours (Easy-ish)
If Sport Relief get £500 or above he'll do 3 hours! (Not easy!)