Membership of Inclusive Church

Membership of Inclusive Church.

IC logoWe have been updating our records at Inclusive Church, which includes our newsletter mailing list and our ‘membership’ list.
Who is a member of Inclusive Church? You may think that you are – but it is possible that you aren’t. When Inclusive Church began in 2003 as an on-line petition, many of us (myself included) signed up thinking that was that! The information was held essentially as a collection of email addresses, which eventually became the newsletter database. What we never had was a ‘membership list’

We now have a membership scheme open to anyone who is in agreement with the Inclusive Church statement of belief. Membership is free – though please read below about whether or not it might be appropriate to have a membership ‘fee’.

Whatever the outcome of that - we encourage all ‘members’ to consider supporting Inclusive Church financially, if they are able.

Members can vote at the AGM – and are in many ways the core life of Inclusive Church.  

You can join on line – simply go here. It’s as simple as that! If you are not sure if you are a member – contact the National Coordinator

Membership Fee consultation
The trustees have been reflecting for a while about the issue of a membership fee for Inclusive Church and would like to hear what you think.

Inclusive Church is generously supported by a number of individuals and churches, for which we are extremely grateful. Many have supported us financially for a number of years. As we look to the future, we are keen to go beyond just maintaining our current level of work.

We have achieved a lot over the past few years:

  • We have 6 resource books in print
  • We have initiated an Annual Lecture with a range of significant contributors
  • We have events most months in different parts of the country, giving us direct contact with hundreds of people.
  • We are actively involved in Greenbelt and the Church of England General Synod
  • We have a list of over 250 churches registered with us  
  • We maintain a strong web and social media presence

We currently employ a half-time (2.5 days a week) National Coordinator. Some extra work is carried out by the trustees and a number of volunteers.  As we look to the future the trustees are keen to ensure that Inclusive Church continues to grow and flourish.

A key ingredient of looking to the future is of course to work at ensuring the financial security and stability of Inclusive Church. We are very aware that a number of our partner organisations have some sort of membership fee. Inclusive Church has never had this, partly because we don’t want to exclude those for whom a financial commitment would be difficult.

We would value the thoughts of those of you who receive the newsletter (about 2000 of you!) and those who are currently signed up as ‘members’ (about 400 of you!). Would you be willing to pay a membership fee – and if so how much would you consider either monthly or annually? Or do you think that we should continue with no membership fee?

If you have any thoughts please contact the office with ‘membership fee’ as the email subject and they will be forwarded on to the treasurer who will monitor the responses for the trustees to consider.