Letter to the Archbishops

Letter to the Archbishops

Ang Comm FlagThe Chair of Inclusive Church, Dianna Gwilliams, is one of the signatories of a letter that has been sent to both the Archbishop of Canterbury and York ahead of the meeting of Anglican Primates that has been convened for 11-16 January 2016 in Canterbury. 

The letter asks the Archbishops to take a message to the Primates Meeting “that the time has now come for acknowledgement that the Church has failed in its duty of care to LGBTI members of the Body of Christ around the world.”

The letter has been signed by 105 Senior Anglican signatures from 36 of 42 dioceses,

-      20 Cathedral Deans

-      7 Archdeacons

-      8 Retired Bishops

-      2 MPs, 1 former MP and 1 Member of the House of Lords

-      1 Suffragan Bishop and 1 former Suffragan Bishop

-      14 Academics, including 5 Principals of Theological or University Colleges

-      20 Members of the House of Laity of General Synod

-      32 Members of the House of Clergy of General Synod

The text of the letter is here:

Your Graces

We the undersigned ask you, our Archbishops, to take an unequivocal message to your meeting of fellow Primates next week that the time has now come for:

Acknowledgement that we, the Church, have failed in our duty of care to LGBTI members of the Body of Christ around the world.  We have not loved them as we should, and have treated them as a problem to be solved rather than as brothers and sisters in Christ to be embraced and celebrated.  We have made them feel second-class citizens in the Kingdom of God, often abandoned and alone.

Repentance for accepting and promoting discrimination on the grounds of sexuality, and for the pain and rejection that this has caused. We, the Church, need to apologise for our part in perpetuating rather than challenging ill-informed beliefs about LGBTI people, such as the slanderous view that homosexuals have a predisposition to prey on the young.

We understand that the Primates come from a variety of contexts with differing ways of interpreting the Scriptures, but we urge you to be prophetic in your action and Christ-like in your love towards our LGBTI sisters and brothers who have been ignored and even vilified for too long.  

Please be assured of our prayers for you at this time, and that the world will know by our words and actions that everyone who is baptised into the faith is of equal value in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Yours sincerely

If you would like to show solidarity with this letter – please sign the on-line version here