Healthy Ministry

Doing Healthy Ministry Together

Doing Healthy Ministry Togetehr logoInclusive Church will be sharing again in the programme based at the Society of Martha and Mary at Sheldon in Devon in April. Doing Healthy Ministry Together is a project that began in 2015. Inclusive Church, through its National Coordinator, is part of a 20-strong working group of people in ministry helping to ‘keep the project properly grounded in the messy realities of real-world ministry’.
Inclusive Church often works with churches and individuals who feel ‘on the edge’, we feel we have something to contribute to this programme, and are keen to create an environment where ministry may be ‘healthy’ We are also keen to ensure that we challenge a church that creates unhealthy ministry.

Inclusive Church sends its congratulations to Sheldon on the news that the Archbishop of Canterbury is awarding the Canterbury Cross to community members Carl Lee and Sarah Horsman for outstanding service to the Church of England. The presentation will take place at Lambeth Palace on Thursday 31 March. Whilst the awards are to individuals, Carl and Sarah stress that this is a recognition of the work of the whole Community and the numerous volunteers and supporters over the years since the Society of Mary and Martha was founded in 1987. More details here.