Greenbelt 2017

Called for the Common Good

feet with arrowsInclusive Church is getting ready for Greenbelt 2017. We are looking forward to being at Boughton House for the Greenbelt Festival which this year has the theme of The Common Good. Picking up on the Greenbelt theme – we shall be using this opportunity to explore vocation ‘called for the common good.

As a result work at the beginning of 2017, we shall be at Greenbelt in partnership with WATCH and Ministry Division of the Church of England. Together with a number of partners, we are working to raise the profile of vocation. We are keen to emphasise that vocation is not just about ordained ministry, but how we may explore and express our ministry as baptised people of God. Look at our vocation page for more information.

We shall be situated in the Greenbelt Takeaway, the street market at the main crossing point between The Glade Arena (the mainstage big top venue) and The Meadow area (the ideas, Canopy and Playhouse venues). If you are coming to Greenbelt – make sure you call by and say hello. If you fancy lending a hand on the stall – please get in touch with the National Coordinator.