General Synod Update

General Synod Update

c of  eIn November Inclusive Church was at the first meeting of the new Church of England General Synod. Having worked with our partners to get over 80 ‘inclusive’ candidates elected, the real work began as Synod convened again. It was great to see some of our newly elected candidates getting stuck in to the debates.
We held a fringe meeting to gather many of these new members together. This was an opportunity to thank Stephen France for his work in coordination g the Synod campaign, and to consider how best Inclusive Church may work within Synod in the future.

As usual we had a stall at Synod. We used this as an opportunity to bring some of the comments from the ‘Living on the Edge’ disability conference.

Here are some of the comments:

‘people with disabilities have a voice that needs to be heard equally’

‘The time is now.  This issue is not peripheral, it is fundamental.  Fund disability inclusion. For once in your life don't let the church drop behind secular society.’

‘We are accepted with our wounds’

‘I am sick & tired – of being ignored.   I don't need people to speak for me and I don't need to be treated differently.   I'm not strange or special - I’m simply, wholly me.  Let us lead you, teach you, pray with you.’   

‘Let me in I want to serve you’

‘The church has influence and people listen to what is said – the church has a platform to create better understanding and dialogue’

‘Our duty is to give space to suffering, not to fix it’

‘Make “all are welcome” mean what it says!’

‘Respond to disabled people’

‘Nothing about us without us’

It was great to have Fiona MacMillan, from St Martin in the Fields, with us at the stall. We had some great conversations with Synod members.

Thank you to all those who responded to the Just Giving campaign that we ran in November to raise a fund of money for Inclusive Church to use specifically on its work at General Synod. Our target was £1000, through the generosity of a number of individuals the campaign reached a total of £1246. Thank you!