Week 4 ...(notice I have stopped counting the days). Dusty Springfield meets Rowan Williams

Just coming to the end of week 4 in post. Notice how quickly I have stopped counting the days! Didn't think that would last. But then I am with Dusty Springfield on this .... "live my days instead of counting my years" . [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJknm_MQ2s0&feature=related] This week Rowan Williams gave the Commemoration Oration at King's College London Big Society - small world. Listen to the Podcast  Big Society is much spoken of in the current political climate - but as the Archbishop reminds us in many ways there is not much that is particularly new, especially when viewed from the Christian perspective. Rowan Williams on Big Society. There is the cynical assumption that Big Society is just about central government getting something on the cheap. Give 'the people' a notion that they have power - and just cut back local services. Call it something grand like 'big society' and you get away with it. Actually it seems that there is more to it than that. Christians have something distinctive to offer into the debate - wrought from real experience of living out what it means to be community. Even in these days of different church attendence (note not declining - just different) - churches up and down the country get on with being at the heart of communities. Often quietly in the background - they continue to be the glue that holds community together. In many communities - the church is there working with all - for all. In villages, towns and cities churches are often the only ones left who are holding community together, and in some communities they have been doing this for over 1,000 years. Inclusion is at the heart of that sort of Big Society - as church members get involved in all sorts of community groups and organistions - no questions asked. Everybody welcome to be on board. Ideas like Big Society may well come and go - but faith communities are often left to pick up the pieces and get on with it!