A touch of Doris Day

Finding myself on a wet Friday afternoon flicking through one of those Christmas books that have been sitting around waiting to be flicked through! 'The Wonderful Weekend Book'  by Elspeth Thompson is to be honest a bit of an Aero book (work it out)! Eslpeth died in 2010 at the age of 48 . I did come across this as I listened to the rain:  "many years ago, when on the full-time staff of a magazine, it struck me that, much though I loved my work, I did not want to do it five whole days a week. The balance between work time and free time seemed out of kilter. Fifteen years later, working part-time allows me to earn a decent living while still indulging the inner Doris Day who likes bustling about in a pinny, putting flowers on the table and home baked cakes in the tin. Cutting one's working hours voluntarily is not for everyone, and usually entails a drop in income. But many people find that what they do with the freed up time, and the increased happiness it brings, can actually lead to a corresponding drop in spending." Not sure about a drop in spending - but I am enjoying having a few Doris Day moments in my life! Changing from working full-time to half-time does need some adjustment. (And having worked as a full-time Vicar for nearly 28 years I know Vicar's work too hard!) Working half-time - you need to be disciplined and manage time really well. It is so easy to buy into the world that says we are instantly available to anyone at anytime. What's that about - our need to be needed? We are so defined by what we do. People are in many ways unceratin how to deal with someone who goes against common culture and gets off the treadmill. "What wil you do?" is the question i get asked most. Again- we are being defined by'doing' rather than by our 'being'. So - even if you can't make the switch to less hours - remember that your mobile has an off button, so does your laptop! Go on switch them off - and get out your Doris Day records!