How much does your church cleaner get?

A Living Wage.

A conference laid on by Church Action on Poverty and Church Urban Fund about encouraging churches and other organisations to raise the issue about the need for a Living Wage.

The Living Wage is not the minimum wage. Legislation that brought in a minimum wage is just that. The Living Wage is about recognising that keeping people on the minimum means that those who are the poorest in society are likely to remain trapped in poverty. The Living Wage is currently set at £7.60 an hour in the UK (more in London). 

The conference was trying to encourage churches, charities, trades unions, politicians, community leaders and the business community to work to make the Living Wage a minimum standard for the lowest earners. Churches should be at the forefront of this, and Inclusive Church as a charity that has poverty as one of its main areas of concern will be keen to be involved.

The Church of England 2006 Faithful Cities report recommended the Living Wage. So .. great idea – but what can we do about it?

Well if you are an employer – check out if you pay Living Wage? A

re you a church member? How much does your church pay its cleaning staff? Or its admin staff?

Interestingly at least one Diocesan Office in the Church of England pays below Living Wage for some of its staff.

Don’t just read about this – get involved.

Do something about it in your locality. This is gospel stuff!