Days 4 and 5 (yea ok so I am combining days)

The sun shone - that's one of the best things about working this week!

Day 4 was spent in front of the PC working on the Inclusive Church website. One of those slightly frustrating days - sunny outside and you are STUCK AT A PC! Nope ...not angry ...really happy in my work. Honest! Did manage to get stuff done and outlined some of the highlights for 2011. I could put them here - but go to our site and take a look.

One of the joys of working at St John's Waterloo - is that I am able to go to their midweek Eucharist. Today being the feast day of Edward King - he was duly remembered and celebrated. My link with Edward King is that when at Lincoln Theological College - as President of the Common Room (!) I had in my possession for the duration of my presidency the inkstand that had previoulsy belonged to Edward king himself! Here is something about Edward King - from Exciting Holiness Born in London in 1829, Edward King, both as a priest and then as a bishop, was revered for the holiness of his life and the wisdom of his counsel. He was chaplain, then principal, of Cuddesdon Theological College, followed by a dozen years as a professor of theology in Oxford, during which time he exercised a great influence on a generation of ordinands. In 1885, he was consecrated bishop of the diocese of Lincoln, a position he held until his death. His advocacy of Catholic principles in ritual as well as theology involved him in controversy, but his significant gift to the Church was his example as a pastoral and caring bishop to both clergy and laity.


God of peace, who gave such grace to your servant Edward King that whomever he met he drew to Christ: fill us, we pray, with tender sympathy and joyful faith, that we also may win others    to know the love that passes knowledge; through him who is the shepherd and guardian of our souls, Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever