Day 3

Another day another church!
This time St James Picadilly. Headed here on a Saturday afternoon for a meeting to plan Inclusive Church being at the Greenbelt festival. The plan (at the moment - but yea we all know about plans!) is to link up with some other partners and use Greenbelt as our gig! So - talk of freebies (we have to catch people somehow!), get some young people to help out - recognising that some of us are far too old now to be thought of as young even in a room with the light off. Not that being old is bad... come on let's be inclusive of saga people here. Anyway - so that's the plan. Watch this space. If you are planning to be at Greenbelt - you'll be able to look us up, even help out - that would be great! You won't need to worry about finding our tent though - another plan (all these plans ) is to get ourselves a little cottage where at the end of the day we can chill and relax in the peace and tranquility of our own space. ... without the noise of a some mad arts festival going on around us!!