Day 2 - it's like coming home

Day 2 in the job - finds me back at home! St Martin in the Fields is a transformed church building.

This is a place that has been part of my life since the mid 70's. I worked here as verger and managed to close the underground system with a bomb alert. Not totally my fault - but someone left a suitcase with something ticking in it. The police seemed to think it was something suspicious and as a precaution shut the tube lines that run under - or near St Martins. Here I came to the folk club that used to meet in the crypyt on Sunday evenings. Here I would come to help with lunchtime concerts - and here  I am again.

Here today for a Changing Attitude event - to listen to Tina Beardsley speak on 'Masculinity, Femininity - Christ and us'. Tina and I go back a long way so it will be good to meet up again. St Martin's is buzzing -it's great to come home! So - day 2 - not so bad! (oh and managed to get chips for lunch - thanks Trevor!)