Why You Should Start Using The Brazilian Walnut Flooring

When it comes to wood floors, it is virtually impossible not to mention the Brazilian walnut flooring, This type of flooring has grown enormously in recent years and is not least due to its high quality and low cost of installation of the Brazilian wood flooring is and we will always believe that one of the best options for you to use in your House of your Dreams.

Brazilian Walnut Flooring

But there are some things that should be considered before starting the installation of this floor, We have separated some details that will help you through the process:

Check out this video that shows how to install the Brazilian walnut floor:

1 Always choose flooring Brazilian walnut wood type, this typo of wood is the most used in the market today, for their durability and ease of installation is excellent, this type of wooden lasts around 20 to 30 years, and does not require maintenance, just applying wax is necessary.

2nd Hire a professional flooring installer, the last thing you want is an amateur doing all the work, look for certified companies and has experience with this type of wood flooring.

3 ° Avoid using the house after the period of four weeks, since the material used for the installation of this flooring can be toxic to animals and children, The “glue” used to secure the floor is extremely dangerous, especially for small animals and babies.

We are sure that with these tips you can avoid many problems before, during and after the installation of this flooring.

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Building Your Home Dream

Tips WhenBuilding Your House

It all starts with the location. If you can choose where to build, give preference to a location with easy access to public transport, close to shops, schools and hospitals. This will facilitate your life. Check if the street does not contain a lot of transit vehicles, as a steady stream of cars can disrupt their peace and sleep.

House Building

The second step is to plan your work, making different plans for the construction, electrics and hydraulics. If possible, hire an architect to design the house and qualified professionals for electrical and hydraulic parts. Planning is as important as the building itself, after a wall that is poorly planned is thrown  your money away, since it will have to be overturned.

Time to Start Building

After all the planning done, it’s time to buy building materials. Read our other articles with valuable tips for this crucial step in his work. A good tip is to look for material of demolition materials stores. It is possible to find quality products in good condition for a better price. Grilles, doors and bricks are good examples.

Your builder or contractor can not be either. Ask for references, see friends, if any one hire company specializing in construction. If the contract is his, hire based on solid information.

Using a team that usually works to your architect or engineer (if you hire them) can be more convenient, but not always comes out cheaper. If other workers competent and reliable are your acquaintances, check with the professional responsible for the work if there are no obstacles in working with them.

Home Building

If you have a contractor, he will be responsible for the work, contracting and payment of labor charges. If you go to manage everything on your own, it is important to make a contract with its employees and masons. Specify in the contract the type of service and delivery time, as well as the value. Do not forget to collect the INSS workers, otherwise this value will have to be settled at once by requiring the Occupancy Permit at City Hall. Avoid problems with the Labour Court.

When the work started, supervises constantly. One wrong stroke in the plaster, the concrete, or a poorly sized iron can lead to cracks and fissures. The depth of the foundation is very important and should be based on a firm ground for eviar sinking.

The ideal is to hire an engineer. Works conducted only by masons and foremen can result in less than adequate and larger slabs that the structure beams. In other words, oversized structures generate unnecessary expenses undersized and can cause cracks in the building.

Small and Valuable Tips Construction

You know those cracks and broken corners that give us the window as soon as the work is already done? There’s a way to fix this. Send break on site and around around 50 cm to reach the brick and put a seam of iron in the appropriate place where estãoas cracks (materials already exist in the market for this purpose). Then make a dash in mortar 1: 3 (1 cement volume to 3 volumes of fine sand) and cover the area to be reclaimed. If done the right way, probably cracks no longer appear.

If having more than one bathroom, try putting them next, or even side by side to save the footage of pipe. Another tip for saving is to replace tiles in wet areas by epoxy paint or chlorinated rubber.

Finally, we also save money on the floor and ceiling! For heating, is recommended as a substitute for granilite marble or granite. It is a tough and cheaper floor. If your drawing to the house is more rustic, you can save with the liner leaving the apparent internally roof.